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yesididit ([personal profile] yesididit) wrote2013-05-07 09:47 pm

first entry

molly wants her two front teeth

i'm trying to change over from 'quietdesperation' to yesididit. because yesididit is recognizable.

warning tho, i dont update dreamwidth regularly. usually only when lj fails.

i also utterly fail in trying to figure out how dreamwidth works compared to lj. so any help in this changeover is appreciated.
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you know you can set up crossposting, and then only have to update DW and it'll automatically update LJ for you, right? That's what I do, so I can keep up with both. :)
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if you cross post it, it's just like you posted it on LJ and DW at the same time, like copy pasted it into each place. Everyone who can normally see your entries can see it. you go to "Organize" on the bar in DW, then "Manage Account" then "other sites" and put in your information there.

And yes, you still have to check both friends pages.
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Well you know how to check your LJ friends list. Here you just go click reading in the gray bar across the top of your page, or read then reading on the purple bar from